Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy:

Karen takes piano teaching seriously and considers it her responsibility to guide the musical development of students so that they can develop their full potential.

Her teaching philosophy focuses on three goals.

First, Karen provides the tools that students need so that they can eventually teach themselves to play music. This will ensure that students continue to play and enjoy music even after they stop taking lessons. From the very first lesson, students are taught how to practice and set goals. Effective practice skills and consistent practice habits are keys to a student’s success and enjoyment in learning an instrument but play a big part in success in other areas of life as well.

Second, Karen wants her students’ to develop their full potential as musicians in the given time frame. All students have musical ability and an innate desire to be musical. Students are trained in sight-playing, aural skills, musicianship, improvisation, composition, ensemble playing, music theory, music history and performance. She wants them to be able to function in a social environment where if asked for an impromptu presentation, they will be willing and able to provide one.

Third, and one reason Karen started teaching, is to instill a love of music in all of her students. She can’t imagine my life without music and wants her students to appreciate and enjoy music just as much. She strives to make lessons as interesting and fun as possible while challenging the student to grow. She encourages her students to ask questions and give them projects that will stimulate their creativity and intellect. This love of music doesn’t fully realize itself until effort and time has been put into the process. Because each student is unique she supplements with music that speaks to the individual student.