Do you accept adult students? (Am I too old to begin piano lessons?)

Yes, Karen teaches adults. And NO, you are not too old. Even if you have never studied music before, it is not too late to begin lessons. No one is too old to learn. Often, adult students pick up the ability to read music in a relatively short amount of time. Lessons can be tailored specifically to the needs of an adult student, including lesson pace, materials, performance opportunities, and lesson time slots.

What piano method book do you use in your lessons?

The important thing is that lessons are tailored to each individual student’s needs, no matter what method book is used. The method book used most frequently is the Robert Pace Series as it is comprehensive in what it provides (theory, technique, composition, creativity). In addition, other method series and repertoire are used to individualize instruction.

What is the format of a typical lesson?
Beginners – Early-Intermediate: During a typical 45 minute lesson, a student will play pieces assigned the previous week, will learn or review a new skill or concept, and will begin a new piece or pieces. Other activities include improvising, rhythmic exercises, flash cards for notes and musical symbols, playing by ear, and improvising at the piano. The pace of the lesson will vary from student to student, depending on age, ability, and lesson length. An additional 30 minutes is provided for computer activities (music theory games, ear training, composition), recording, improvising, and use of Piano Maestro and Musicopolis.
Advanced AND College-bound: Students preparing advanced music and/or planning to pursue music in college are expected to have 60 minute lessons scheduled at the piano in order to have time to cover the more complex music and do what is required to prepare. Thirty minutes of college level ear training and theory on the computer will accompany these lessons.
How often would we meet for lessons?

Lessons are given weekly. Your lesson time will be for the same day and time each week, with the exception of planned studio holidays, group lessons and summer vacation. School age kids will have monthly group lessons to share the music they are learning, learn various musical concepts together with other kids of similar skill and age and enjoy the social time while learning more about music.

I would like to purchase a piano. What do I need to know?
Please refer to the Piano Technicians Guild. These are the real experts and they can tell you everything you need to know about selecting and purchasing a new or used piano. When looking at a used piano, have a technician fully inspect it before you agree to purchase it. Ryan Sowers, RPT, is a Piano Technician from Olympia that I can fully recommend. You may reach him at

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